Next Generation Training

Next Generation Training

Serious firearm programs must include in-depth studies and comprehensive hands-on training.

By leveraging the latest web-based-learning technologies we deliver online training that others cannot.

Our unique interactive digital learning platform allows you to learn the necessary fundamentals of firearm safety, handling, laws, and tactics, from the comfort of your home or office.

Through step-by-step instructional videos and detailed tutorials, you will be able to practice and learn without attending crowded classes at inconvenient time.

You will also be able to test your basic knowledge and get certified before you set foot at range.

Upon successful completion of the online learning exams, you will be invited to join us at a local range, at a convenient time, for live-fire training.

During our range training we measure and analyze every shot fired and provide immediate feedback and guidance for corrective actions.

We keep the content of our training programs up to date and include information about emerging threats and Lessons Learned from the latest incidents as soon as this information becomes available.

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