Get The Edge

Get the Edge

Many executives and high net worth / high profile individuals are vulnerable “soft” targets for criminals and terrorists alike.

Whether you are concerned about being stalked, attacked, carjacked, or kidnapped; knowing what to do (and what you should never do) makes all the difference. Do not compromise when it comes to security.

In our Executive Edge™ training program, you will learn how to become an active participant in your own security, reduce vulnerability, and protect yourself and your loved ones, at home, work and when traveling.

This is a unique opportunity to practice one-on-one with a leading authority on personal protection, corporate security, and travel safety.

The following training drills can be safely practice at your home or business:

  1. Home Invasion Countermeasures – intruder defense and family protection
  2. Violence Countermeasures – crime prevention and personal protection
  3. Kidnaping Countermeasures – anti stalking and abduction survival
  4. Carjacking Countermeasures – vehicular kidnapping prevention
  5. Terrorism Countermeasures – bombing and active shooter survival

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