Practical Pistol Protection

An alarming percentage of criminals resort to violence, and armed attacks are an ongoing concern. If you are concerned about personal safety and are planning to become, or are, licensed to carry a sidearm, you must be trained to use it responsibly and safely.

This program is taught with handguns and covers the following:

• Failure to stop drills
•Weapon retention concepts

•Shoot/no shoot decision making
•Firearm mechanics and ballistics
•Tactical reload and stoppage drills
•Danger alertness and attack prediction
•Instinctive aim and rapid target acquisition
•Accidental discharge avoidance and safety
•Concealment and rapid firearm deployment
•Legal aspects of self-defense and firearm laws
•Psychology of survival and the fighting mindset
•Expedient cover and multiple shooting platforms
•Disguised and improvised weapons identification