Pistol Stress Course


As a law enforcement officer, you must be trained to face a sudden close quarter lethal encounter. When split seconds separate life from death your survival depends on a quick and decisive response. This reality based training teaches how to react and deploy a handgun quickly and accurately against armed suspect(s) while maximizing available protection.

You will learn:

• Failure to stop drills
• The fighting mindset
• Transition to backup weapon
• Engagement tactics for partners
• Shoot/No shoot decision making
• Tactical reload and stoppage drills

• Psychology and physiology of survival
• Tactical alertness and attack prediction
• Negligent discharge avoidance and safety
• Instinctive aim and rapid target acquisition
• Concealment and rapid firearm deployment
• Ambidextrous shooting and one hand reloading
• Expedient cover and multiple shooting platforms
• Disguised and improvised weapons identification
• Immediate threat concepts and weapon retention
• Less than ideal and disadvantage positions shooting

Command & Shoot
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