Precision UNDER Pressure

Bureau of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics reveal the following:

Attempting to use complex motor skills such as sight alignment is impossible under life threatening conditions.
Most armed confrontations occur at a range of less than 10 to 20 feet and in light too dim to see the gun sights.
Half of the bullets fired during firefights do not hit their designated targets.
Fine motor skills that require a deliberate cognitive process and physical coordination deteriorate under stress.
The majority of murders are committed with a firearm.
The average firefight lasts 2.5 seconds.

These statistics remain constant for decades indicate that there is a significant gap between typical firearm training schools and what works in the real world. Our firearms training programs were developed to fill this gap.

Our no-nonsense training methods are based on proven results and actual combat experience, not theory. We teach techniques that employ simple body mechanics designed to enhance instinctive response under duress. Illustration of risk scenarios is accomplished through action packed demonstrations and realistic simulation drills. Our reality based live fire training helps facilitate correct decision making under duress and shorten reaction time. Techniques taught can be assimilated quickly and safely by the students.