Home Protection - Night Shoot

Most home invasions, armed intrusions, rapes and kidnappings occur during the hours of darkness. Your safety depends on acute visual perception and a decisive response. Sight alignment is impossible under these conditions, using lasers can disclose your position, and turning on the light will expose you to return fire. The Home Protection course will teach you how to use darkness as your ally and your flashlight as a weapon. You will learn the most direct and effective skills to protect yourself and others in the dark.

You Will Learn:

•Engagement tactics for couples
•Shoot/No shoot decision making
•Fundamentals of tactical illumination
•Stealth movement and visual control
•Non visual reload and stoppage drills

Night Engagement (0.7MB) - WMV Format

•Communication in low-light conditions
•Target isolation and threat identification
•Low-light shooting and dominating with light
•Ambidextrous shooting and one hand reloading
•Less than ideal and disadvantage positions shooting
•Residential security hardening and home defense strategies